100+ package per hour MiniWrapper fluff pulp wrapping line

Intelligence in Simplicity--for Roll Packaging and Finishing.

INDUTEC specializes in providing roll packaging and finishing systems to the rolled pulp, fine and specialty papers, paperboard, fiberglass, non-wovens and other industries.  Our products are designed for applying superior packaging protection to all rolled products cost-effectively, allowing our clients to adapt, compete and succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.


Our Objectives:

  • Eliminate product loss during transport
  • Minimize system size, complexity and capital cost
  • Substantially decrease manpower requirements
  • Ensure ease of system operation and maintenance
  • Entirely eliminate the use of adhesives in the wrapping process, ensuring a fully recyclable, environmentally sound package.
Large diameter CNK roll wrapping unit
Spiral Kraft MiniWrappers for jumbo paper rolls
Ultra-Compact Model

INDUTEC Industrial Systems originally developed and refined MiniWrapper technology, the most compact, flexible, cost-effective packaging approach for protecting rolled products available to industry today.  The system applies polyethylene film and/or Kraft paper to any roll size produced, at the necessary production speed capacity, without the requirements for backstands, floor space, maintenance, manpower, and capital cost  of conventional wrapping machines. 


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Winder-mounted Kraft/film Wrapping Unit.

About Us

INDUTEC engineers have led the way in both optimizing and rationalizing packaging protection for the pulp, paper, and board industries for the past thirty years. 

Learn more about us and our company's history.  We look forward to developing a packaging solution for your company.


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